Overlooking the eighteenth green

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Overlooking the eighteenth green.

At a well known West Norfolk Golfclub
On an afternoon warm and serene
Three ladies sat on the verandah
Overlooking the eighteenth green

Two gentlemen had pitched to the flag
Both were close, not too far from the pin
And when George failed to sink his eight foot putt
Fred just had a two footer to win

"Oh, sh . . !!!", he cried in anguish
As his putt lipped the hole and stayed out
But the ladies on the verandah
Had heard his agonised shout

The first lady said "Disgusting"
The second said "Typical men"
"He should be reported" the third one exclaimed
"I'll make sure it won't happen again"

So they sought out the Honourable secretary
Where a formal complaint was made
And at an extraordinary meeting
The events of that day were relayed

The committee displayed their authority
And decided, there and then
That woman should not be subjected
To the outbursts of fould mouthed men

So they drafted a resolution
And the following notice was seen
"Henceforth, no ladies may use the verandah
Overlooking the eighteenth green"

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